Thursday, January 05, 2017

Post Holiday Workshops!

 Everyone in the Creative Household loved that most of our time off together came after Christmas! We wish it could be like that every year! We loved celebrating Christmas in Niagara and Toronto and then spending time at home catching up and playing with our new gifts and old treasures!

It also gave us more time than usual for workshops!

We ran 3 days of workshops...our first day was a day of self expression...first shirts and then self-portrait cakes. In the case of the cakes...everyone went their own direction and that's okay too. Everyone's work was fantastic!

 Day Two was more of a sewing day...we made Go Fish Games. Our younger attendees loved making these but loved playing with them even more! They found a little extra time to play and dance while our older campers made a more complex version of the game. And then we made quilted cupcakes.

Day Three we got serious! I got the hammer out and we smashed some candies so we could make Stained Glass Cookies. We also made mosaic necklaces and puzzle tins.

As always it was great to spend time creating with my friends!


Thursday, December 03, 2015

Golden Rippy RE-mixed!

I was SO excited to get the chance to be part of Golden Rippy's Re-mix the Stitch Tour! Be sure to read to the end to hear about the amazing prizes that Rachel has brought together to celebrate 2 years with Golden Rippy!

I started with the Delilah Top and the Calrose Skirt.  I was a little worried because I didn't realize until after I had the patterns in my inbox that the Delilah top only goes to an xl. Fortunately, it is a relaxed fit so I carried on with my plan to marry these 2 patterns.

Originally, my plan included a strip of fabric (floral, I think) between the top and skirt pieces but I wasn't pleased with the result at all so I took it apart and joined the top and skirt together directly. I took it apart again to shorten the top more (I have lost track of how much I took off of the bottom of that) and did my best to re-contour the skirt so that it fit properly in the high waist, waist and hips.

Then! I went belt shopping! I found some amazing inspiration on-line and had the best intentions to create a master piece but in the end, I found the one I am wearing for a steal while out Christmas shopping.

I am super-excited to have my dress all set and accessorized for next weekend's (that's right, I am ready over a week in advance!!!) Christmas celebration!

 I love taking patterns and finding ways to make them suit me - MY personality and MY body! I hope that you will find some inspiration on this Remix the Stitch Tour as it continues over the next few days!

Meet the bloggers who will REMIX the Stitch for Golden Rippy's 2nd Anniversary! They have some fun mash-ups in store for you. Here's the full line-up, in case you missed a day. Don't forget to check them out and send some love!
Don't forget to enter the EPIC Pattern giveaway! Our wonderful sponsors have graciously offered a free pattern of choice to the winner. That's 15 patterns in total!! You don't want to miss a chance to win this!  a Rafflecopter giveaway


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wrigley Fun!

Sometimes, I sew so much that I forget what I've done...the Creative Princess was wearing these tees recently and I smiled..because I really love them. They are fun, playful and colourful...everything a girl should be wearing (if you ask me!)

 You KNOW I love testing patterns! AND I'm always super excited when I get picked. It's not a foregone conclusion, there are lots of times I don't get picked and I don't apply for every pattern I see...just ones that I think will work for my crew here...

SO here it is Love Notions' Wrigley Raglan. Tami at Love Notions works really hard with her testers to make sure the fit is perfect. In fact, that's why I made 2 in the testing period this time around...there were some adjustments made and so I sewed up a second version to see how it worked on my girl.

 This pattern is another fun upcycling pattern. I seriously love that! I love that this was one of my mother's tees and now the Creative Princess can enjoy it...and let's be honest. It's appropriate for her age (she was almost 13 when I made it).

These next photos are from when after the adjustments were made. You can see, it's a little broader in the shoulders and the hood is a little roomier. This tee is from when we travelled to the Crayola Factory in PA about 8 years with my was my mom's shirt too!

She loves her new tees and so do I!